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Join the meeting by email invitation

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Join the meeting by calling


Here are some tips for meeting

Here are a few practices for working from home as well as tips for meeting Teams. This makes the remote meeting run smoothly.


1. Plan and prepare for a remote meeting

At the heart of telecommuting are people, not technology. An effective remote meeting has a clear purpose, which is communicated to the participants in the meeting. Here's how to succeed in the meeting yourself:

  • Set a clear agenda for the meeting.

  • Check out the meeting material sent to you by the property manager.

  • Take advantage of Teams chat: you can share documents and content before a meeting.

  • Option to record and save the meeting if the meeting members agree. Here's how to see the meeting later:


2. Take advantage of the video and participate in the meeting

Whenever possible, turn on the Teams video feature. The video promotes collaboration and reinforces a sense of presence in remote meetings.

  • Tip: Use the background blur feature if you don't want your background to appear, or if you attend meetings at home or in public spaces. You can enable the feature either before or during the call in Advanced Settings and the button blurs the background.

  • Video promotes collaboration in meetings, but if your bandwidth is limited, you may want to turn it off. This maintains high quality sound.

  • There are several ways to join Teams meetings. One option is to join through the app's calendar. When you receive a calendar invitation, you can add it to your Outlook calendar, Google Calendar, and other compatible calendar applications.

  • At the beginning of the meeting, make sure everyone hears and sees each other. If someone's voice is too muffled or if their device is causing problems, address the issue at the beginning of the meeting. That way, everyone will be able to participate, and no one will be left out of the discussion.

  • Also keep an eye on the mute button. Unnecessary background sounds distract and prolong the meeting really a lot.


3. Keep track of notes, work progress, and share documents

  • Take advantage of Teams notes.

  • Channels allow you to create tabs for important files, websites, or the Dashboard so that content is available to all Teams members.


4. Edit your virtual workspace

  • Pin your most important group discussions to your own workspace so they're easily accessible.

  • Sort Teams channels by priority. Hide Teams sets that you don't use often.

  • You can manage your notifications in your profile settings .

  • Also install the Teams app on your smartphone so you can participate in remote meetings and collaborations anywhere.

With Teams , you make your telecommuting efficient and productive, for example, if you work temporarily from home or if your organization encourages more modern telecommuting in the future.


5. Call the meeting by phone

  • Attending a meeting is now easy on your mobile phone. The meeting invitation has a phone number and a unique meeting code that you must click in order to attend the meeting.

  • This allows people to attend the meeting without a smartphone or computer.

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