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Jyväskylän Kiinteistömestarit LKV
Handover of the rental apartment at the end of the lease.

The cleaning responsibility of a resident is:
• cleaning of all living space surfaces (eg cleaning of countertops, doors, radiators)
• vacuuming and cleaning floors
• emptying and wiping cabinets, including doors and window frames
• washing the bathroom (washing furniture, surfaces and any shower curtain, as well as wiping the drain valve and cleaning the floor drain, it is advisable to use a root brush to clean the bathroom surfaces, for example)
• cleaning the hob and oven (the background of the hob and the floor can be cleaned by pulling the hob slightly off the wall)
• cleaning the cooker hood and its grease filter
• defrosting of refrigerated furniture
• washing the sink
• wiping the supply air valves at the top of the window and the exhaust air valves in the roof
• removing all furniture, belongings and rubbish from the apartment
• emptying and cleaning the apartment's furniture storage
The apartment will be inspected upon handing over the keys.

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