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Useful Tips

Small maintenance tips

- Floor drains:
Regularly clean floor drains filters of hair and debris.

-Smoke detector:
You need at least one / 60 sqm and one floor per floor. Test once a month.

Sockets and wires:
Check that the wires with their plugs are intact and that the sockets are not black. Repair the bugs with a professional.

- Fire extinguishers:
Arrange the fire extinguisher cover and the hand fire extinguisher in an easy place. Serve the fire extinguisher regularly.

- Ventilation machines:
Clean and replace the filters if possible. It is also advisable to check the filters for the after-heating coil or heat recovery cell.

-Lee cup or fan:
Try the different blower functions and check if the bulb returns. Clean the filter.

- Lavender:
The laurel suction can be enhanced by a liquid drainage agent.

-Electric fusebox
Only use fuses of the right size and make sure they are clearly marked. Keep the center of interest easy to carry.

-Water parentheses:
Find out where the water costs are, so that in case of damage, you can cut off the water quickly.

Change of owner

- As a shareholder of a new apartment, please contact the property manager of the building company:
1) Trade certificate or other statement of transfer of shares.
2) A share with a transfer note.
3) Tax Administration Consolidated Balance Sheet with Tax Office Stamp.


apartment Renovations

- Look at the new Housing Company Act here.

Safety issues

- Each housing company must have a rescue plan. The company's notice board is the contact information of the company's security officer.
- For your part, make sure that your apartment has a functioning smoke detector for every 60 m². It is also recommended to purchase a fire blanket.


Waste disposal

- The waste facility at the utility company has waste containers for each kind of waste collection in the city of Jyväskylä. Follow the waste sorting instructions given. Instructions are for example. on the side of the waste container. They can also be found on the city's website.


House rules

- The house company has rules of order. Follow them. That way, you will also enjoy a comfortable living in your neighborhood.


Be sure to report any maladministration you find to the housing company or property manager; eg leaking water fittings.

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