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Jyväskylän Kiinteistömestarit LKV Rental terms

Terms updated 11.6.2023


Leases are for an indefinite period. 

First date of denunciation after one year.

If you want to terminate the contract before end of the first year the contract penalty is 1-months lease contract penalty which you pay to the lessor.


Credit information will be checked. If the applicant does not agree to the verification of their credit information, the rental application will not be processed.


Home Insurance:

The home-renter must have a valid home insurance.


The home-renter applicant must accept that the information provided by him is used in the renting process of the apartment.


We ask the customer to authenticate their identity by  showing us a driving license, passport, ID card or other validation method to proof their identity.

6. We have enabled electronic signing of contracts.
Customers who do not have an electronic signature option can sign the contract on paper at the office or by mailing the contract to the office.

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