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Rent apartment from the private sector

From our website you can only find rental homes from private lessor

There are many things you should consider before renting apartment in Jyväskylä. It is wise to think about the rent level, whether you wish to live alone or with flat mates, and where in the city you want to live. In the center of the city the apartments are more expensive than in the suburbs but living further away from the center has its added costs like in bus tickets.

You should also keep in mind that there are seasonal resident seekers, especially in the autumn when new students are looking for apartments. Usually the monthly cost for apartments are in Jyväskylä are from 450€ to 1000€.

Location and number of rooms influence on the rent cost and when there are a lot of seasonal resident seekers cheaper apartments and studio apartments are hard to find

Here are some tips for finding an apartment and renting in Finland

  • Renting an aparment What to agree upon a lease agreement

  • The legal duties of a tenant and a lessor

Our Rent Terms


The leases are valid until further notice.

After first year it is possible for termination date of lease.

If the renter wishes to terminate the lease before first year the renter must pay agreement prior to of 1month contract to another party which is the owner.



Credit information history will be checked.



Home Insurance:

The apartment renter must have home insurance.


The applicant must approve that their given information can be used in the rental apartment process.


We ask the customer to authenticate the identity. By submitting a validation method approved by a driving license, passport, ID card

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