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Get to know what services we offer

With cloud services, condominium files are always available to you


With cloud services the building association files are always available to you through the internet

We give each resident of the  building association instructions on how to log in and use the condominium web service.

We keep the documents themselves at Mircosoft's OneDrive Business cloud server.

The members of the board of directors of a building association have the right to view and copy files the. But we do not give the client the rights to edit files.

It is easy to get in touch with our property managers


9.00 - 17.00

Phone. 0403 400 113




Our property managers work on the cloud

File Sharing and Editing is easy and fast as

-OneDrive Business
-Skype for Business (secure and encrypted communication works via Skype)

Housing Price List
* Prices updated on 29.8.2018
- Property manager Certificate (80 €)

- Loan share calculation (35 €)

- Attachments of the property manager certificate postated on paper(12 €)

- Attachments off the Property manager Certificate by email (€ 10)

- Energy certificate copy (€ 10)

- Floorplan copy (10 €)

- Income statement, balance sheet and annual report (€ 10)

- Contract change bill (70 €)

- Property manager Certificate express delivery (80 € + 60 € = 140 €) * Prices include VAT 24%

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Condominium service

Jyväskylän Kiinteistömestareiden Isännöintitoimisto is located at Kauppakatu 6, 40100 Jyväskylä street level,
where you can find us easily.


We are available on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm

tel. 0403 400 113
Take contact


Riku Tenhunen

Property manager, ITS, AIT®

Ahti Piikki

Ahti Piikki

Property manager, IAT

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Property manager office information

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