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Lots of rental apartments available

We currently have a good selection of studios, two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom apartments aviable.

So now is a good time to change your rental home to a difrent option. If it possible, you should consider moving in with a friend and save money this way.

Here you will find all our rental properties

All the rental houses can be found from this link Our Studio apartments Our two room apartments Our three room apartments If you are interested in any of our rental homes you may wish to fill out a rental home application form here

Modern aparment

Contact us !

Tel. 040 3400 110

Here are a few things to consider before filling out a rental apartment application.

Our rental terms:

1. Leases shall be valid for an indefinite period. The first day of termination after one year. If you want to terminate the agreement before the year, renter has to pay the lease termination fee to the other party which is equal of 1-month contract penalty fee.

2. Credit information is reviewed before making rent contract.

3. Home insurance: The tenant of the apartment must have home insurance.

4. The tenant must agree that the information he provides will be used to rent the apartment

5. We ask the customer to verify their identity. By presenting a driver's license, passport, identity card, or other method of verification approved by the state. Our most common method is ectronic signature for the contract.

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