€ 56,622 30 m² 1h + kk + kph + p

Asmalammentie 8, Jyväskylä

Top-floor apartment with balcony


Top floor apartment with balcony, Renovated, e.g. kph and kk renovated. Hired. Additional information p 0400 930 994.


Basic information about the apartment



Apartment building (apartment)

Form of ownership

Owned apartment

Apartment layout

1h + kk + kph + p


Studio apartment

Area of ​​living quarters

30 m²

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Not checked, information according to the Articles of Association and the property manager's certificate on September 11, 2020.



Year of construction



The leased, fixed-term contract expires on September 30, 2021.

Price information and other costs

Debt-free price

  • € 56,622

  • (Sales price € 49,000 + Debt share € 7,622)

Selling price

  • € 49,000

Debt ratio

€ 7,622

Price per square meter

1,887.4 € / m²

Company compensation

  • 233.07 € / month

  • (Treatment fee 188.70 € / month + Financial fee 44.37 € / month)

Water charge

€ 24.00 / person / month

Parking fee

€ 3.00 / month

Additional information about payments

Advance water payment 24 € / person / month, equalization according to consumption, k-water 5.65 € / m3 and l-water 13.10 € / m3.

This item as your own?

196 € / month

Additional information about the apartment


  • The condominium has a sauna


The apartment has a balcony

Condition of the apartment


Learn more about the condition

Comprehensive renovation made in the apartment in 2019, including renovation of kph and kk, renovation of vestibules, renovation of floor surfaces, painting of wall surfaces.

Asbestos mapping

  • Asbestos removal carried out in the bathroom of apartment B 17 in 2019 before renovation.

removeApartment facilities and materials

Building and surface materials

Main Building Material:

Kitchen description

Kitchenette, renovated 2019, ceramic hob, fridge.

Bathroom description

Renovated 2019, Shower, Shower wall, Washing machine connection, wall surfaces and floor tiled.

Housing company

Name of housing association

Asunto Oy Jyskänpirtti

Contact information for the property manager

Risto Heikinheimo


Service company

The housing association includes

The condominium has a sauna

Housing Company Parking Spaces

  • 18 pcs

Renovations made

Repair of drains 1998
Construction of a waste canopy 2000
Renovation of the antenna network 2001
Joining district heating in 2003
Renovation of the sauna steam room in 2003
Renovation of windows and balcony doors 2003
Cleaning and adjustment of air conditioning ducts 2003
Renewal of locks 2004
Renovation of facades and balconies + additional insulation 2004
Renovation of the yard area in 2005
Added new car heating poles / enclosures + garbage canopy lighting 2005
Maintenance painting of stairwells 2011
Cleaning the replacement air filters for windows 2011
Roof ladder safety guide 2011
Cleaning of gutters and installation of fasteners 2011
Addition of the yard game in 2013
Removal of stones in the parking area in 2013
Lumberjack tree in 2014
Rear doors renovated in 2015
Sewer cleaning and description 2015
HD antenna update for common antenna system 2015
Sewer cleaning and description 2015
Submersible drainage sump pump 2018
Renovation of domestic water pipelines and sewers (in part) 2019

Upcoming renovations

Recoating of external stairs, planning of drainage repairs, maintenance painting of the water roof + renewal of balcony collections and repairs of wet rooms in apartments if necessary

Energy class

C (2007), Valid until 7.4.2023.

Land ownership


Asunto Oy Jyskänpirtti

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removeOther additional information

Car storage

Parking spaces in the yard (electric pole).


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